Voice of the Customer

AI-powered customer insights from interaction across formats

Are you making the most of your customer interactions?

Each day, companies interact with their customers over email, chats, social media, and phone calls. Most of these interactions are unstructured, in the form of text and audio.

Whether you are in marketing, product development, innovation, or strategy, the information you gain from real customer interactions will eat surveys for breakfast.

Dcipher Analytics structures and helps you make sense of all the information generated from customer interactions.

How organizations are leveraging Dcipher Analytics for voice of customer analysis

Automatic classification of e-commerce reviews of a diaper brand

A leading hygiene and health company wanted to understand what customers complain about and how these complaints change over time for one of their diaper brands. Dcipher Analytics’ natural language processing toolbox and machine learning capabilities were leveraged to identify the top 16 customer complaints in unstructured text.

Machine learning models were then trained to identify these complaints in new logged customer interactions. Insights generated were used to inform product development and marketing decisions.

If you want to use AI-powered analytics to map and measure the voice of your customers, check out our in-app video tutorials or contact us for more information.