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Next-generation self-service text analytics. All the data sources, algorithms and AI tools you need in one place. Interact with data through an intuitive visual interface to prep, explore, enrich, and build models faster than ever before.

All in one placeMix and match 1000+ data sources and access the world’s most powerful machine learning tools – all in one place.
Visual and intuitiveTrigger complex operations through simple user interactions and iterate quickly using visual analytics.
At scale, with speedLeverage distributed and fully parallelized computing in the cloud to optimize for datasets of all sizes.
A new paradigm

Agile Analytics is 10x faster than traditional approaches

Benchmarking: Identifying topics and mapping leading institutions in a dataset of 60,000 academic articles

A new paradigm for analytics

Rapid iterations and immediate visual feedback

You shouldn’t have to ask the right questions to get the best insights from unstructured data. Dcipher Analytics lets you embrace the unexpected through rapid iterations, immediate visual feedback, and a combination of bottom-up and top-down data analytics techniques. It offers a faster and more free-flowing style of data exploration and utilization. We call this approach Agile Analytics – a paradigm for people with a passion for discovery and a world in rapid change. It works for mining of social media posts, e-commerce reviews, news articles, academic literature, patent claims, images, free text survey responses, reports, and any other type of unstructured data.

Solving real world problems

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The text analytics tools you need: Data cleaning, blending, and wrangling, natural language processing, document clustering and exploration, text enrichment, training of machine learning models.

The insights you want: Voice of customer, digital consumer insight, entity networks, topic and sentiment trends, and more.