Social media mining

Actionable consumer insight by applying AI to social media

Insights from millions of sources

A post shared in social media can give useful information about a consumer’s preferences, opinions, and everyday life choices. Dcipher ingests hundreds of millions of such posts, finds patterns in the data, and delivers the actionable insights you need. Seeing the world from the eyes of your customers has never been easier.

Our customers mine social media data using Dcipher Analytics to understand how consumers feel about their brands and those of competitors, identify trending topics and emerging phenomena, map the discussions around certain topics, and measure the impact of campaigns. Major social media platforms and a large number of smaller sources are supported.

Dcipher Analytics helps you structure and make sense of the vast information generated in a range of social media. To see how it works, check out our step-by-step guide to social media mining in Dcipher Analytics.

To do it yourself, sign up for a free trial of Dcipher Analytics and follow our in-app video tutorials. To get help from our team of social media mining experts, contact us.

Key social media mining features of Dcipher Analytics

Extensive social media access

Access to public social media posts in batches and streams from sources including blogs, forums, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube.

Preprocessing options

Extensive preprocessing functionality for text cleaning, fuzzy matching, duplicate removal, segmenting into cohesive units, processing by pattern, tokenization, and lemmatization.

Text enrichment

State-of-the-art text enrichment functionality, including sentiment and emotion analysis, auto translation, entity recognition, and text categorization.

Visual topic discovery

Visual exploration of topics and themes in text through document landscapes and topic networks, based on the latest deep learning and text embedding frameworks.

Keyword-independent information search

Investigation of specific topics of interest through similarity-based text search, without the need to exhaustively identify all relevant keywords.

Ambiguity resolution

Context sensitive document clustering to avoid the issue of false positives caused by word ambiguity, commonly associated with keyword-based matching.

How organizations leverage Dcipher Analytics for social media mining

Mining travel patterns among travelers to Europe from millions of social posts

The European Travel Commission wanted to understand geographical patterns in multi-destination trips by long-haul travelers to Europe. For this purpose, millions of online reviews of hotels, restaurants, and travel attractions were mined. By analyzing how towns and cities were combined in trips based on the order in which travelers have posted reviews, 13 ‘itinerary clusters’ could be identified with different profiles, for example in terms of seasonality and source markets. The results were used to create more relevant cross-border travel experiences.

The report is available here.

Analysis carried out in Dcipher Analytics by our value-added partner Kairos Future. Millions of social media posts were mined to reveal travel patterns and preferences.